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At Love and Faith Chapel Missions, we strive to reach out to the lost, needy and the poor with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring them hope, healing and help to achieve their destinies.

Our goal is to engage in solution oriented projects to empower the under privileged to take charge of their lives. We achieve this through our Outreach Ministry and partnership with other Christian ministries and charities, which are reaching places we do not have the manpower and resources to reach, to undertake projects such as: Food, Water and Clothing; Educational Support in Africa (Scholarships, Libraries, Computers, Internet Access, Buildings where needed and Christian Education); Helping the Widow; Support for the Deaf, Blind, and Physically Challenged; Justice (Legal Support); Health Care; and Support for Orphanages.

Our desire to help humanity experience the Love of God, stems from God’s word to Abraham, which says; I’ll bless you that you will be a blessing, and also Jesus’s words to the righteous that, as you help to meet the needs of these needy ones, you’ve done it unto me. We also believe that as we faithfully and genuinely seek and give towards the well being of the less fortunate, we position ourselves to attract God’s blessings upon our lives as the scriptures says in 2Cor. 9:6-8.

Partnering with us to fulfill the Lord’s command of Love through our Missions activities will abound to your account . Your kind donation would be very much appreciated and the Lord will bless your labour of Love.

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