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Educational Support

Educational Support The knowledge of wisdom and understanding in every sphere of life is critical to an individual and community’s success and prosperity. The Bible says it is not good for the soul to be without knowledge (Pro 19:2). Research and common sense has shown that people and communities that are poor have a very low turn out in education and therefore lack the skills and the knowledge needed to improve their lives and their communities. At LFC missions, we are committed to meeting the immediate needs of the poor/disadvantaged, to create an atmosphere and the opportunity to empower them through education and to develop the necessary skills required to become independent and productive. We also offer scholarships and build libraries that are well equipped with books, computers and Internet access for students within the community for better learning experience.

Some of the donation items we would like to receive are: books, computing gadgets and educational supplies. We will be glad if you would partner with us to reach our brothers and sisters, who through no fault of theirs, find themselves in such predicament. We believe God will bless you and your generous donation will go a long way to help the needy.


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